We have a crossing patrol to help children cross the Upper Charnwood Road every morning, lunch time and home time. Please help your child to cross the road safely.


Some parents with prams and with very young children have made the request to clear the front of the school as quickly and safely as possible at the end of the day.

Our school has four exits. Years 5 and 6 pupils exit from the Nedham Street gate, F1 pupils exit from the F1 gate, year 3 and 4 pupils exit from the Upper Charnwood Street gate and all other pupils exit from the side gate on Upper Charnwood Street.

Please allow for greater safety for all pupils going home at the end of the school day.


School dinners at our school, is the responsibility of an external agency, City Catering. We provide a safe and clear environment for meal times.

The meals provided are not cooked on site. They are not only nutritious but also very healthy. Price for meals is set by City Catering at £1.75 per meal. Their staff are responsible for preparation, health and safety, serving and cleaning up. We are given the guarantee that all our food is halaal and no pork dishes are served. Our pupils have their meals in the school hall.

City Catering require numbers having a school dinner so they can prepare and plan meals daily accordingly. The number is given at the end of half term and we request parents to make their choices of providing their child with a school meal, a packed lunch or to go home for dinners before the end of the half term in readiness for the following term. However, we do make allowances for emergencies to allow for a change on a particular day.

For pupils who go home for dinner, we ask that they return just 5 minutes before the afternoon session starts, to comply with the safety ratio care numbers.

For packed lunches we use some space in the hall, the studio and with greater numbers, now use a classroom.

Supervision of pupils, worked out by ratio, is provided by the school to meet health and safety requirements.