Year 5

Our trip to Kelmarsh Gardens

Year 5 spent an exciting day out at Kelmarsh Gardens learning about nature, plants and vegetables. 

We invented our own creepy crawlies and wonderful bugs using craft materials and potatoes.  

We wandered into the woodlands and went on a bug hunt .

Looking between, trees, bushes, grasslands,  under branches, logs and leaves , we discovered amazing creepy crawlies like:  woodlice, beetles, snails, worms and slugs.

We also saw male and female swans on the lake

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In the afternoon, we visited the amazing ‘ Walled garden’ at Kelmarsh. We found lots of vegetables growing there and enjoyed tasting some too. 

We spotted some colourful, exotic passion fruit flowers growing in a glasshouse. 

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My favourite part of the day was decorating my plant pot and planting French Beans.
By Zaid Sidat 

The walled garden was incredible! , I loved tasting the fruit and vegetables.
By Zahra Tambu

It was fantastic to walk through the woodlands, hunting for bugs.
By Amira Iqbal

I really enjoyed making mini-beasts from craft materials
By Bilal Shaikh

Year 5’s work on “The Promise” by Nicols Davies.

After studying a book entitled “The Promise” by Nicola Davies, the children attempted to write their own versions of the story.

Once these were completed, Mrs. Pasternicki and Mrs. Platt sent them to the author Nicola Davies. She wrote back to us full of praise which has made us feel like real writers.


We would like to do some more work for Nicola based on a new story entitled “Perfect”. Watch this space……………… 

We have been learning about magnets and springs. But more

specifically about magnet strengths and how springs compress and repel. In each
lesson we have been doing fascinating as well as inspiring experiments and
learnt how strong the various magnets such as the bar magnet, wand magnet,
horse shoe magnet and the super magnet are. 2In RE we went on a trip to visit the Swaminarayan temple on Catherine Street. It
was a marvellous experience as most of us had never visited a temple before.
The temple was dedicated to the Lord Swaminarayan. The Lord Swaminarayan was
only born just under three hundred years ago! We were amazed to see how
peaceful and quiet the main room was.