Year 4

Cadbury World

We went to Cadburys world in the summer term. 

We tried melted chocolate

“it was so tasty” Aisha.

This pram was made for Princess Charlotte.

Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank Staff came to our school to teach us coding. We used ‘Scratch’ and learnt how to make our own video game. 

4 Members of their team came to school. 

“I downloaded scratch at home” Mariyah Popat  

They gave us booklets with instructions.  

We presented them with a certificate.  

“I enjoyed making a video game” Mohammed Mussa  


We made Easter boxes using tissue paper, we coated the top in PVA glue to add a shine.

“I made my box orange” Ahmad Jogiyat

“Mine is yellow, the colour of spring” Sana Hassem

We then made the base using corrugated card and decorated the lid with buttons and gems.


Happy Puzzle Company

The Happy Puzzle Company visited our school, we had the opportunity to do many different challenging activities.

We had a lot of fun during our Happy Puzzle Company session.

“They were difficult but I had fun” Khadijah Salloo

“I liked doing the Penguin Puzzle” Ahmadali Seedat


Lost Happy Endings

We are reading the Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy. We went to the park to see what it feels like in the winter.

Mother’s Day

For mother’s day we made canvases. We sketched a daffodil during science and painted it in art, later we painted the background. Finally we added some touches using fancy pens and gems.

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