Year 1

Have a look at our castles. We had a DT family project and made 3D models using different shapes. It was good fun working with our families.

Year 1 performed an assembly about Christianity. The assembly was about Dora the Explorer and her friend Boots going on a journey to learn about the faith.  We understood the importance of Baptism and Holy Communion. We also learnt about different Christian Festivals including Easter and Harvest. Our message for the assembly was to spread peace, empathy and respect.

We have been looking at the book ‘Quest’. It is a book about a girl and a boy who go on a quest to find different coloured crayons. We made predictions of where the coloured crayon would be and explored the journey that the characters took. We also followed a map using prepositional and directional language to find coloured crayons in the school.



In geography we have learnt about the human and physical features of the countryside. Have a look at our countryside pictures we have used oil pastels, paint and different collage materials. We have been practicing our blending, shading and drawing skills. We also used different materials to create print and patterns.


In English we created out own poems about a Halloween character. We dressed up as our character and recited our poems in front of the class and our parents. We had a lot of fun playing Halloween games and sharing Halloween treats.


In history we have been learning about eras of the past we compared the style of clothing, food and life style. We also had different cross curricular activities to help us learn about the changes in history, for example we looked at different food from around the world.

In year one the children learnt about harvest. They learnt their lines and perfomed to the school, parents and minster of the Bishop Church. It was great fun learning about harvest as the assembley was focoused on the TV programme The Great Britsh bake off. The children acted as farmers and bakers. After the fruit and veg had been harvested they used the ingredients to cook tasty dishes.

We learned how to make bread.

The children learnt about how the wheat turns to pasta and cooked a pasta bake.

We also visited the curch and learnt about how and why Chritians celebrate harvest.  The children took photos of the different features of the church.

In English we have been learning about the naughty Bus. The naughty bus was up to mischief in different settings. Have a look at where the naughty bus went.

The Queen turned 90! Look how we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday.

We went to visit the sea life centre and we have been learning all about animals in Science. Here is out 3D sea displays. What sea creatures can you see?


In Year one, we have been learning about senses in English and Science. We visited the post office to post our senses poems to our home address. We wrote a sense poem and put our poem in an envelope and wrote our address.

In geography we have been looking at maps and we walked to the post office looking at the roads and the shops on the way. We enjoyed putting the letter through the post box.

We also went into the shop and used money to buy something. We saw how much the item costs and gave the money to the shop keeper. It was fun as we have been learning about money in maths. 

Halloween time has arrived and our aim was to write poems about nasty Halloween characters. To help us think of some adjectives to describe the characters, we read lots of poems about Halloween.

We also dressed up as different characters to help us think of adjectives to use in our poems. Once we edited and improved our poems we invited the parents to listen to our poems and they had to try and guess who we were writing about.

Here are some pictures and performances. 

In English, Year One has been looking at the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’. We had a mysterious letter from the tiger and he told us he wanted to visit our school. So we decided to have a tea party for the tiger. In preparation for the party the children wrote invitations, made cupcakes and role played the story. The children have been trying very hard to remember their capital letters and finger spaces.  The tiger had a great time at the party and so did the children! 

In maths Year 1 have been looking at 3d shapes.

First we went on a shape hunt around the school to look for and name different 3D shapes. Can you spot some of the shapes we found?

Once we did that we needed to find out more information about the properties of the shapes. So we used grapes to count the vertices of each shape. We used sticks to count the edges and faces of the shapes. 

To help raise money for children in need we all dressed as superheroes. Can you see some superheroes working very hard making Pudsey cake pops?  Have a close look at how we made them so you can to make some at home.

We even decorated our own biscuits.

In year one, this week we have been thinking about the story of Diwali. Have a look at all the fun and exciting activities we took part in. We made some rangoli patterns using oil pastels, collage materials and coloured rice.

We also learnt that when Hindus celebrate Diwali they share barfi with their friends and family, so we had a go at making some of our own coconut barfi. If you would like to try making some at home, the recipe is below. 

We even learnt some Indian dancing, it was great fun!

Read how we have described the character after learning the story of Diwali.